Quick Overview

Ideal for: Couples, family, groups, tourists, kids.
When: All days of the week (October to May)
Where: Lonavala
Timings: Morning 5:30 am
Ride duration: Approx. 60 minutes (+/- 15 minutes)


  • Experience the adventure of hot air ballooning in Lonavala and watch the world drift by while floating at over 4,000 feet high in the sky.
  • Enjoy 360 degree views of the scenic Sahyadri valley, hills and villages in and around Lonavala.
  • Watch the beautiful sunrise while flying.

The Experience

Hot air ballooning is a very peaceful and calming experience for absolutely everyone. You need not be an extreme adventure lover, as it is a totally smooth and jerk-free ride.


  1. Arrive at the common meeting point in Lonavala.
  2. Travel from the meeting point to the flying site.
  3. Have tea / coffee and snacks at the flying site and watch the balloon being inflated and prepared.
  4. Get a pre-flight briefing from your pilot and get inside the basket with the guidance of our staff.
  5. Take off and enjoy hot air ballooning for approx. 1 hour.
  6. Your pilot will land the balloon at a suitable landing site after approx. 1 hour of flying time.
  7. Get a hot air balloon flight certificate signed by your pilot. 🙂
  8. The land crew will arrive at the landing site and transport you back to the common meeting point.

Common Meeting Point Address

Hotel Orritel,
Survey No.135, Opposite Talegaon MIDC Junction,
Off. Old Mumbai Pune Highway,
Vadgaon – Mawal,
District Pune – 412106

Age Criteria

Minimum age: 5 years or above.
Maximum age: There is no maximum age limit.

Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
Children must be atleast 4 feet 6 inches (1.5 meter) tall to see over the basket.
Elders must be able to stand throughout 1 hour flying duration.

Weight Criteria

Maximum weight: Approx. 85 kg
Minimum weight: There is no minimum weight limit.

On request, those over 114 kgs of weight can be allowed to go for the ride by purchasing an additional ticket (subject to availability).

Other Criteria

You must be able to climb in and out of the basket which is 1.1 meter (about 42 inches) in height.
You must be able to stand unassisted for an hour during the ride.
You must be able to bend you knees and sit at the time of landing.

Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman are not allowed to go for the hot air balloon ride due to safety reasons.

Medical conditions
You must not go for the ride if you have undergone a surgery recently or have a significant medical condition.
You must be sure of not having any pre-existing medial condition that may be affected by the hot air balloon ride.
You must inform us of any medical condition that you may have for your safety and the safety of other passengers. You may be asked to provide a medical fitness certificate from a doctor / specialist.

You must inform us regarding any disability – so that we can advice you if it is suitable / possible for you to go for the hot air balloon ride.
Persons on wheel chair are not allowed go for the ride due to safety reasons.


Hot air ballooning is a very safe activity conducted with the highest safety standards and guidelines with licence from the Director General Civil Aviation Authority (DGCA).

A highly trained and experienced pilot (holding a commercial pilot’s licence) will fly the balloon and take you for the ride.

All flights are insured for employees and passengers, so you dont have to worry about insurance.

What to wear?

  • We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes in which you can easily climb in and out of the basket.
  • Optionally, a jacket during winter will help.
  • We also recommend you to wear clothes in which you dont mind getting dirty.
  • Avoid designer wear, high heel sandals, flip flops etc. as we do not take responsibility for any damage to the same.


You can carry a camera, phone, binocular etc. to click pictures while flying. These must be carried at your own risk.

The Balloon

Balloon height: 100 feet (when inflated)
Passenger capacity: 9 persons (8 passengers + 1 pilot)

Things to know

  • Hot air balloon rides are highly dependent on weather conditions. Your ride may get cancelled if the weather conditions are not suitable. Click here to read the details of the cancellation and refunds.
  • While landing, the basket might tip off / drag on the ground before coming to rest. It is a perfectly normal landing and this is how balloons have been landing since 200+ years. Your pilot will guide you with the landing process.